Wholeheartedly agree with review below and others- does not deliver the promise of fragrance in the tin!

Wholeheartedly agree with review below and others- does not deliver the promise of fragrance in the tin!

I would differ on one small point however- I do find the Peterson tobaccos are generally higher than average in vitamin N, this blend not being an exception. Very little Black Cav note- you can maybe see some in blend but I can’t really taste it. This one is «just alright» nothing special despite the cool name.

Many smokers are disappointed with the ‘bland’ taste of Sweet Killarney, and it’s true that the tin aroma is intensive, while the smoke is comparably ‘empty’. A very hot smoker, so you better accompany it with something to drink – a milk tea, coffee with cream or a hot chocolate would fit best, or maybe an iced Bailey’s or a vanilla milk shake, IMO. Not too much nicotine, so a good morning smoke (as I have it right now, without Bailey’s but a cup of cappuccino) without many highs and lows. Selected leafs are of very good quality, the rather dry ribbons I got burn down evenly. Not that many of the mentioned «hand-rubbed VA flakes». Room aroma is more than pleasant – sweet, light, very slight bitter touch (Burley’s?). It is maybe worth to mention that the flavouring is probably meant to be like this: giving a little touch and allowing the underlying tobaccos to develop their natural taste. Sweet Killarney is not as sauced as «Connoisseurs Choice» or «Sunset Breeze», it rather competes with «W.O. Larsen No.80» or «Mac Baren’s Original Choice» in terms of casing intensity. I would call it a light aromatic, not as Danish as Danske Club or the Truffles, and by far not as sloppily blended as Borkum Riff. It strongly depends on your oral chemistry, I noticed escort Mesa. Give it a chance in different pipes, different times a day. Not Peterson’s best (maybe their worst?) but it still gets 3 of 5 stars. I recently discovered that it tries to emulate some Irish Cream like Bailey’s.

I’m keen on most Peterson blends. However, this is probably the rotten apple in the barrel. It’s just so. bland. Whilst I have persevered with this tin ( which is a bad sign for me), perseverance has led to disappointment. The aroma is the one strength but this tobacco burns too quickly, and I draw gently on my church warden it still can turn too hot. This is one of the three I wouldn’t recommend. The other two are Irish Oak and Sherlock Holmes.

Do not waste your money on this! I purchased a tin of this on my birthday last year (that was, alas, before I had discovered this website). Had I known of tobaccoreviews, I NEVER would have tried it.

How would I describe this blend? As bland, bland, bland! It produced smoke, but no flavor. I smoked four or five bowls of this, all in different pipes, and the result was always the same – disappointing. I then decided to throw in some black cavendish to see if that might bring out some flavor. The result? I tasted the black cavendish and nothing else. If I was stranded on a desert island and had nothing but this to smoke, I would give up pipe smoking. Peterson makes great pipes and has some fantastic blends, but this is not one of them.

Update 2014-01-28 Yeah, this stuff bites

I’m not sure if this post should count as a review, I remember not being able to finish a whole bowl of this.

This shit tasted like a hot chemical factory, ignore what anyone else says, as they are probably from Peterson’s and are promoting this debacle

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